Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh, Canada Part 1: Tunnel Mountain Loop

I spent 4th of July weekend celebrating with our neighbors to the north, and attending and presenting at an agricultural economics conference in Banff, Alberta. July 1 is Canada Day, which is pretty much their version of the 4th of July complete with eating, drinking, parades, and fireworks.
I rented a mountain bike and hit the trails for a few hours. Did the Tunnel Mountain loop twice. I don't think I did too bad, considering the guy at the shop said doing this loop in an hour is a "good pedal."
For your viewing pleasure, complete with some Neil Young (who is Canadian):

Tunnel Mt. Loop - Banff, Alberta from Nick Paulson on Vimeo.

A few observations about Canada, eh:
  1. The stereotype about Canadians being friendly is absolutely true.
  2. Banff is full of young Brits and Aussies who have come over to ski and work seasonal jobs in restaurants and bars while they "find themselves."
  3. Australian accents make women at least 10 times more attractive.