Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter Cold

I returned from my work trip in sunny Corpus Christi to below zero temps in central Illinois.  Then, a few days later, the mercury began to rise and we enjoyed a week-long stretch of weather in the upper 50s and lower 60s during the day.  The snow melted and all rejoiced.  It would have been a great opportunity to get some rare, outdoor February miles on the road bike.  Instead, I spent Valentine's Day and the majority of the two following days in bed going back and forth between shivering and sweating.  It was awful.

I have spent the past week at work trying to minimize my coughing and sniffling spells.  As usual, colleagues and students drop by my office regularly throughout the day. Yesterday, a friend brought to my attention the fact that I have a few things in my office which might be considered strange to some people.

Here is the table that you see as you enter my office.  Does something strange stick out to you?

No? You don't see it?  Let me give you a hint.

I ran out of Kleenex. I swear.

In other news, I am a fan of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association.  Most conferences I go to disappoint on the swag.  I end up coming home with a cheap tote bag, a note pad or two, and some crappy pens.  Here is what I brought home from Texas.

Apparently keeping beverage cold is a high priority in Texas.  I think this is something we can all get behind.

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