Saturday, April 2, 2011

Best Dam Run in Illinois

Today was the Lake Sara Dam Run in Effingham, Illinois.  I finished the 8 mile race in just over 1:07, and was pretty happy with that result.  It was even more impressive when you consider the fact that I was sweating gin and Chardonnay for the first few miles of the race due to last night's activities.

Lake Sara - I get to swim in this in just a few weeks, I hope it warms up.
There were about 800 participants in the race this morning, and the organizers did a great job of putting it together and having a fun party with good food following the run.  We also got some decent swag - a nice long sleeve tech tee, and a koozie.  You can't go wrong with koozies.

Race swag, medal, and bib.
But do you know what the best part of this race was? Dilly bars.

Do you have any idea how good a Dilly bar tastes after running 8 miles? If not, I suggest you find out. 

After I got back from the race I loaded up the mountain bike and went over to Kickapoo.  It was 60 and sunny this afternoon, and the trails are in near perfect condition right now.

The Cobia was happy to get out for a few hours.
My ride left me with one of the most severe cases of helmet hair I have ever seen.
 This picture does not do the helmet hair justice, poor lighting.  Believe me when I tell you it was "epic"

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