Sunday, April 3, 2011


Headed out with the 9 am Sunday ride group this morning.  There was a wind advisory.  30 mph sustained winds, 45 mph gusts straight out of the south.  We rode into it for two hours and stopped for breakfast (and many in the group also got pie, I did not).  Then we rode back in about 45 minutes.  If you sat up and let the wind push you without pedaling you could go 10 mph. 

Once we got back to Urbana, I had to head 6 miles west and a few more miles north.  Riding west with the crosswind required leaning at what felt like a 45 degree angle into the wind lest ye be pushed off the road.  It sucked, and looked something like this:

The most painful 30 miles I think I have ever ridden combined with the easiest and most fun 30 miles I have ever ridden. 

So, this afternoon I am relaxing and may even take a nap.  My legs are sore from running and biking this weekend.

My receptionist will be taking all of my calls.

I really can't afford to keep her on my staff, given the poor economy.  But I tried taking my phone back and letting her go last week and the conversation did not go well. 

I'm pretty sure I ended up caving, giving her access to the business phone, and maybe even giving her a raise.  I've always been a conflict avoider.

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