Monday, May 23, 2011

Racing Against Myself

My race season was kicked off the past two Sundays with the May Madness sprint in Effingham, IL on the 15th and the Land Between the Lakes sprint+ in Albert Lea, MN on the 22nd.  Both races went well, unfortunately age group podiums don't extend to 5th place. 

I am somewhat happy to report that 1) I handily beat the 2010 version of myself in the Land Between the Lakes race by about 13 minutes in spite of the run leg of the event being lengthened by about 0.7 miles, and 2) I would have won my age group in both races if I was a chick.

Some of the less embarrassing photos from Land Between the Lakes. No pictures from May Madness as I was there by myself and find stopping to snap pictures (of myself no less) during the race increases my time considerably.

Water was surprisingly warm

Transition area was a mudhole

'Cross racers would not be impressed with my mounting ability
The dude on the right with the Zipp-equipped Orbea would catch me around mile 8

Setting a blistering pace out of the transition area

The final few hundred feet

My strong finish, 13 minutes ahead of the 2010 version of myself
I received multiple compliments on my Leinie's jersey from the volunteers in both races.  Unfortunately, neither event offered Leinenkugel's products at their aid stations.

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