Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Weight (and I think bikes get jealous)

I returned early this week after traveling for 6 days for work.  This means I did not get to ride any of my bikes for a full week.  I can now safely say that bikes get jealous, and they know how to get even.  They are like a vindictive girlfriend in that regard.

Revenge of the (Carbon) Road Bike
I put the Madone in the Park stand after the 70 mile ride I went on before leaving for the work trip.  I even admired it as I was doing this.  Upon returning from my trip, the rear tire was flat. Anyone ever gotten a flat when the bike was suspended midair on their bike stand?  Is this even possible?

Revenge of the Mountain Bike
The Cobia was much more vengeful. After a full week away, I decided to sneak out of work early and head over to Kickapoo the afternoon of the day after I got back. The trails were dry and, while I consider myself a downhill specialist on the road, I am a downhill wimp on the trail.  My disutility of getting injured is prohibitively high (sorry for the nerdy economics reference of my utility function). I locked my front brake up trying to come out of a tight switchback on a (relatively) steep descent.  This turned my beloved hardtail into a lever which catapulted me into a tree.  Luckily the left side of my rib cage took the impact.  Unluckily it now hurts for me to sit, stand, walk, run, and breathe (pedaling still seems to be OK though!).

The 2.1 Abides
My trusty 2.1, the road bike that started it all for me, seems to be comfortable with me ignoring it for a few days.  I took her out today for a 30 miler and had a couple of realizations on my solo ride.  First, this bike is still my favorite (sshhh, don't tell the others).  I am a sentimental sap when it comes to this bike (thousands of miles, 3 RAGBRAIs, many other organized rides, hundreds of training/recreation rides over the past 3 years), and I will probably never sell it. Second, riding with a backpack containing a laptop, change of clothes, and shoes sucks.  This has kind of become my commuting bike since getting the Madone last August, so I rarely take it out for an actual ride anymore. Finally, losing weight makes you faster.  I've dropped 20 lbs in the past few months, but it has been hard to notice an increase in speed/power on the bike I ride regularly for training rides (the Madone).  But I could really tell on the 2.1 because I haven't really ridden it, other than commuting, since losing some weight.

I believe I shall continue to diet and work out daily.

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