Friday, November 12, 2010

The Awesome Week that was Pure Torture

Here is a formula:

Exam in Undergrad Class + Computer Lab Session in Grad Class + 5 Days of Sunny, 70 Degree Weather in November = Really Blows

A formal proof for this formula is available from the author upon request. For now, let me explain in laymen's terms.

I am a procrastinator.  I knew that I was giving an exam and holding a lab session this week; as the instructor I set the dates for both of these activities.  I am also fully aware that preparing an exam and a lab session takes considerably more time than preparing standard lectures (it's hard to BS an exam or lab session, you have to be prepared).

Furthermore, the 10 day forecast told me well ahead of time that the weather this week was going to be beautiful, with a 90% chance of awesomeness.  So I could have been prepared ahead of time (like finish the exam and lab activitities last week or over the weekend).

But I didn't.

So, instead of being able to get up early for some riding after a good night's rest, I chose to write the exam and prepare for the lab into the wee hours of the morning each night this week.  5:30 am comes a lot quicker when you go to bed at 2 or 3 am.  And riding your bike doesn't sound like nearly as much fun under those sleep deprivation conditions either.

So, to punish myself for squandering this rare opportunity so late in the year, I put more miles in on the treadmill this week than ever before.  Running sucks.  Trail running sucks a little bit less.  Running on the treadmill sucks2.

Of course the weekend forecast is for highs in the low 50s, lows in the low 30s, rain, and a 50% chance of shittiness.  I am riding at Kickapoo again on Sunday regardless.  You know, just to punish myself again.

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