Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Trail Race

Victorious Racers

That is how long it took me to "run" 5.5 miles of trail on Sunday morning.  In a costume no less. I dressed as Forrest Gump - the bearded Forrest from his running across the country scenes.  It is tough to run when you are not a runner, and you are wearing an itchy wig and beard.  It was kind of a sweaty mess by the end of the race, but it won me a nice pair of thermal wool running socks.  You just can't underestimate a good pair of socks.

I was not the only one in costume.  Since the race happened to fall on Halloween this year, and prizes for costumes were involved, many of the participants came through with some creative dress.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Ostrich Cowboy
This guy ran in jeans and a western shirt, with a fake ostrich he had crafted himself.  Oh yeah, he also ran the entire race in bare feet.  His legs were actually the ostrich legs, and ostrich's don't wear shoes.  Nice work by him.

The Viking
Full viking dress, including battle axes in both hands. Wig with braided locks and helmet.  Well done.

Richard Simmons Twins
Complete with afro wigs.  I could just picture them sweatin' to the oldies.

One of the Simmons Twins

Chilean Miner
This guy was cheering the runners on near the end of the race (he may have just finished with the fast people) yelling: "If I could survive for more than 70 days underground, you can make it up this last hill!"  Inspirational, funny, and probably politically incorrect - I loved it.

This girl actually drove over her running clothes (she was not wearing them at the time) to create realistic looking treadmarks across her torso. Plus she was hot; unfortunately no photo is available.

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