Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Year in Review

Apparently bloggers are supposed to write Year in Review posts.  I am a noobie, so was unaware.  Also, my immediate family members commonly send Christmas letters out after Christmas, so being a little late with things is ingrained in my DNA. Without further ado.

2010, Professionally

I think I would have to call 2010 a success from a career standpoint.  I still have my tenure track job and, according to my mid-term review this past spring, I am on track to not have to look for a new job in 2012/13.  That is not to say anything is guaranteed, and I am much more conservative/pessimistic than some of the folks I work with.  I still need to get some journal article hits in my professions top journal(s), something which continues to evade me.  And I would still feel a whole lot better about things if I could land, or even be involved with landing, a decent sized federal grant. 

Wait, I thought you said 2010 was a good year?  Oh yeah.  I did get 5 journal articles accepted and in print this year, with another already accepted for 2011.  So that was nice.  And I did take some students to Guatemala for a short-term study abroad trip at the beginning of the year.  This was life-changing for myself as well as the students.  And I did have a pretty good semester of teaching this past fall (I think). And I did get to take some "work" trips to Destin (FL), Boston, Denver, Banff (Canada), and fabulous Kansas City. Not too shabby. I also decided I need to force myself to take some pictures when I am on these trips, if for nothing else to post them here. 

2010, Personally

I think the year would also have to be considered a success from a personal standpoint.  In addition to some fun days added on to the work trips mentioned above, I also got to spend some time in western Colorado this summer at a friend's cabin.  And I made it for the last half of RAGBRAI again for a fun 4 days with my team from Iowa State.  I raced in a few triathlons, a couple 5k's, a marathon relay, and a half-marathon (although I don't know if you could call what I did during that 13.1 miles running).  I bought a couple of bikes, and rode them all (including the old ones) a lot throughout the year.  I discovered mountain biking.  Lots of cool things.

But the thing that may stand out the most I really had nothing to do with or responsibility for, but get to enjoy all the good things about.  In fact, I think if you look it up in the dictionary that is the definition of being an uncle.  In May, my sister and her husband had their first baby - a daughter named Nora.  She smiles a lot, and cries very little.  I have yet to change a diaper.  Yes, I think it is safe to say that I enjoy being an uncle.

Nora likes ducks, and sticking things in her mouth. Not necessarily in that order.

I have decided my next post will be a 2011 preview, focusing on my race schedule for the upcoming year.  I've got something planned for every month between triathlons, bike races, and running races.  I think 2011 will be another success, assuming I make it through without injury.

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