Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year? Really!?!

This week, I had three different people wish me a happy new year. Really!?! It's the second week of January.  Maybe I am just getting crotchety, but I feel like we've reached the statute of limitations on the whole happy new year thing for 2011.

Speaking of Illinois politics, the state income tax was raised from 3% to 5% last week to help with our ridiculously embarrassing budget deficit.  There are, of course, opinions on both sides of this issue.  I am in favor of the tax increase for a number of reasons.  Whether I like them or not, I have to admit that I benefit from taxes more than most given my profession.  More importantly, budgeting is not rocket science.  You have revenues and you have expenditures.  To reduce a deficit you have two options: 1) increase revenues or 2) reduce expenditures.  It seems silly to even type that, but I am continuously amazed at how many people fail to understand this simple concept.

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