Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heat Wave

It reached the mid 30s today, and there was a strange reddish-orange thing glowing in the sky.  After a few google searches, I determined it was either a UFO or something called the sun.  I faintly remember seeing this sun thing before, although it has been a few months.

I also found my digital camera while I was organizing some things in my office. So I took the mountain bike out to Homer Lake to check out the trails.  I spent about 90 minutes riding a total of 13 miles or so.  Definitely not as technical or hilly as Kickapoo, but closer and still a lot of fun.  It would probably be boring riding at Homer in the summer, but with some snow on the ground it might become a regular winter riding spot.

The Homer Lake Trailhead
View down one of the wooded trails
The balaclava was not needed today. I got sweaty.
And, yes, that is a size L jersey fitting me quite nicely.  Thanks for asking.
The Cobia, post-ride.  Lots of slush in the drivetrain. 
Ran very low pressure (~15 psi) and just floated over the snow.

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